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OLED market: I saw that it has stood before dawn


OLED market: I saw that it has stood before dawn

Once upon a time, a number of giants competed for the future display market, and each of them showed a tug-of-war. Samsung launched QLED technology in the Chinese market; Hisense also promoted laser TV; LG Electronics, Skyworth focused on OLED, TV display wars continued.

Since the beginning of this year, the OLED TV market has been frequently operated, which is called a storm. Two of these actions are indeed worth mentioning. One is the OLED TV manufacturer represented by Skyworth. It started the price war of OLED TV in China and started to grow. Amplitude reduction and popularization. The second is from the end of April, the world's largest OLED panel manufacturer LG Display's "OLED Big Bang Ebara Tour" activities, for the market and consumers to further highlight the confidence and ambition of OLED as the future display technology. The meeting also revealed that LG Display's panel line factory in Guangzhou will be officially put into operation in the third quarter. There are only one signs in the OLED market, regardless of the whole machine manufacturer or component manufacturer. It is believed that OLED will be set in the future TV market, and its popularity storm will not be too far away. In the high-end color TV market of more than US$2,000, the penetration rates of OLED TVs in the US and Europe have reached 42% and 55% respectively, but the penetration rate of China's OLED TVs is only 17%.

Although the current penetration rate in the Chinese market is low, the prospects are broad. "LG Display China's marketing promotion executives think that China's one-year TV market has a capacity of 56 million units. Last year, China's middle class population has exceeded 200 million. Plus Chinese consumers are willing to try new, so China's OLED in two or three years." The size of the TV market will have unlimited imagination space.

OLED have to set off a storm of popularity, not only for their products, but also for their advanced technology. At the same time, OLED technology can also meet the needs of users in the future value chain. It is undeniable that for the development of the display market, the market changes too fast, and even the advent of 5G technology will be the factor that causes the demand for display technology to change. However, traceability to the source is that one thing cannot escape, that is, all values. Chain matching is for one purpose - user satisfaction. Regardless of the future display situation, what users want is that this technology can bring the best value stack. The current situation, the beauty of OLED, sound, picture quality and the superposition of the future 5G network speed and other advantages, bring unprecedented perception, sound and so on, and these need to go to better hardware support. Especially with the widespread popularity of AI and 8K technologies, OLED will be rapidly applied in the near future and become the ultimate mainstream display technology.