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Shaoxin Catsyn Co., Ltd.(original:Shangyu Catsyn Co., Ltd.) was established in 1987, formerly known as metallurgical materials factory . In 1988 , it was absorbed as group members factory by the Provincial Institute of Metals. We produce metallurgical auxiliary materials, metal catalysts and ligands, high-tech un-shape stereotypes refractories . Our company has strong technical force, its product structure embodies a high-tech features, stable quality, complete detection means , and it is well received by users.For four consecutive years, it has been named by Shangyu People's Government as "focus on contract, keep promise" unit, AAA grade credit enterprise, assessed as total quality management standard units by the Ministry of Agriculture, was awarded as technologically advanced enterprises by Daoxu People's Government for many years,.In 1998, won the second prize of scientific and technological achievements ,which was awarded by Shaoxing Municipal Peoples Government.In 1994,was incorporated into the book of "Encyclopedia of Chinese scientific and technological achievements" In 1995,got the certificate of Spark Program .In 1996 won the "Eighth Five" Science and Technology Achievement Award in China.In 1997 ,won the Preeminent Science and Technology Award which was rated by the provincial township enterprise bureau.

Catsyn focuses on metal catalysts and ligands for your catalytic steps. Our company lays foundation on technologies from researching institutes and years of experience, we have gained rich organometallic synthesis experience and developed several series of metal catalysts and ligands.,our homogeneous catalyst products include complexes containing palladium, ruthenium, rhodium, iridium, gold, platinum, nickel, copper, zirconium, etc. Our ligands are mainly based on phosphorus, nitrogen, oxygen. and chiral ligands and catalysts , OLED electronic materials, pyrrolidine derivatives, piperidine derivatives.

Our management team has industrial experience of over 10 years. We value most the original research, good management, and quality control, which are key to products quality, reasonable pricing and timely delivery.

Catsyn's factory is located in daoxu Fine Chemical Industry Park Shaoxing Zhejiang Province, China. Our factory now has autoclave with 300 kilogram, 500 kilogram and 1000 kilogram, and also deals with the callback of noble meal catalysts such as Pd/C, Ru/C ,so we can customize hydrogenation of intermedias to reduce your cost.

Our products have been widely used in renowned pharmaceutical companies and universities. You can rely on our best catalytic solution for your transformation.We welcome your inquiries and offer a good backbone of chemistry and product mix to remain nimble and flexible in the support of your project and We routinely receive excellent feedbacks from our customers.